Supporting our business community is our reason for being - it helps keep our whole community thriving.

Image: Oamaru Business Collective Committee Credit: Rachel Wybrow Photography
From left to right; Simon Berry, Cara Tipping Smith, Jeremy Holding,
Annabel Berry, Cathy Maaka, Dawn Brown, Rachael Keen
(and Harper).

Oamaru Business Collective Leadership Committee

The Oamaru Business Collective is an incorporated society with a leadership committee of seven.

Each member of the committee is a local business owner who volunteers their time and expertise to help support our wider membership. If you would like to be involved, please get in touch.

The current Chair is Cara Tipping Smith. Our Treasurer is Simon Berry and our secretary is Tanya Ribbens. To send an email, just click on the links.

Join the Oamaru Business Collective by clicking on the button below. We welcome all kinds of businesses and look forward to including you in all our promotions and events.